Sunday, February 24, 2019

When They Come to Take Your Guns

Nancy Pelosi hammering gavel
In her recent attempts to undermine the security and sovereignty of our nation, Nancy Pelosi, either willingly or unwittingly, revealed a coming Democratic strategy to curtail the Second Amendment rights of United States citizens.

In a speech that can only be described as open and public extortion, Pelosi threatened President Trump and the American public with the prospect of a Democratic President declaring gun violence a national emergency. Considering the make-up of the current Democrat party, we need not theorize with much effort to conclude this threats meaning. I will only say, I hope you do not possess any registered weapons that can be traced to you or your homes. If you do, expect a knock on your door from government thugs, warrants in hand, SWAT team at the ready and you will be “compelled” to surrender all your weapons, ammunition, magazines and various accessories.

This, now real possibility, got me thinking and curious. I reached out to gun owners and presented them with a question, “hypothetically, how would you respond if such a scenario were to unfold in the near future?”. The predominant and immediate response was to the effect, “they’ll get my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands”. At first glance, a noble and courageous response, but one dripping in bravado while lacking in rationale ... I dug more deeply.

The majority of the gun owners I spoke with were thirty years old and above, current or former military personnel, in a relationship or married, parents of children still in the home, gainfully employed, legally in possession of their firearms, legal citizens of this country and politically moderate to conservative. I had hoped to get the perspective of more liberal gun owners but the closest I came to that was, a millennial who had inherited a slingshot from his uncle and, upon learning of my experience with weapons, asked if I could install a Trigger Lock on the slingshot because he feared someone would inadvertently find it and recklessly “shoot” someone by accident!!! Anyway, I discussed with the gun owners in more detail the events and the situation that would be in place should the Democratic fascists send their jackbooted minions to come and seize their weapons. Since nearly all the individuals I questioned are upstanding, law abiding, responsible pillars of their communities, their original answers changed upon deeper reflection. We imagined the scenario playing out in a fashion not dissimilar to the following:

It is 4:00 AM, you are at home with your family sleeping (a husband or wife, two young children, the family dog and maybe a cat). You are awakened from a dead sleep by the loud pounding of a ‘cop knock’ on your front door. You rise out of bed, stumble to the front door, ask “who’s there at this an ungodly hour?” to which you hear the response, “This is the ATF, we have a warrant to search your house and remove all firearms per President Michelle Obama's National Emergency decree. It is in your best interest to open the door, NOW!!!!”. You hesitate and begin to ask “what right do yo ...” at which time you are cutoff by the government agent who says “Sir, I would remind you of Ruby Ridge and Waco! I will repeat, it is in your best interest to cooperate and fully comply with my directives, immediately!” And at this point in the scenario, is where all the respondents to my question changed their collective minds and re-evaluated their probable actions.

The basic summation of the subjects I questioned, at the point in the scenario where the choice became either sheepishly comply or take up arms and go down with your family in a blaze of glory, was nearly always, surrender to the might of the governments force! It is in fact, and most sadly, the only option available to rational, decent men and women in such a predicament.

I also encountered a few who brought up the possibility of communities and gun owners banding together to form a resistance. Though it was not my intention to explore multiple narratives, we quickly delved into this one. This would be a worse case scenario since it would mean having open and armed rebellion. I see this as a no win situation also.

Let us assume something like this transpires. We still have a situation where innocent civilians, and more importantly, children will be put in harms way and homes and worldly possessions are put at risk of being destroyed. But, put that aside for the moment. Assume a band of citizens resist ‘Dear Leader’, Michelle O’s executive order and with the support of Congress, led by Comrade Pelosi, military units are activated and sent to respond in wake of the resistance. Do you really think America’s patriots are prepared to face the awesome capability of our military forces in an armed confrontation?

When the M1A2 Abram tanks roll into the neighborhood with overhead cover provided by AH-1Z Viper helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolt ‘Warthog’s’, maybe a drone (UCAV) or two for good measure and a couple of battalions of infantry, what do you think the odds are for the outmatched patriots, with their semi-automatic, not ready for prime-time “assault rifles”, bolt action hunting rifles and skeet-shooting shotguns? Well let me say, the odds of these patriots winning are far worse than the odds of the New England Patriots winning a Super Bowl, with Tom Brady as quarterback, when he is 50 years old ... okay ... maybe a bad example ... the odds are too high in favor of the New England Patriots ... I better make that, Brady at 60 years old!

In conclusion, I’ve come to believe that should the government ever come for our guns, and should law enforcement and the military remain loyal to such unconstitutional law makers, we will all be turning in our registered weapons as meekly as a sheep goes to slaughter.