Monday, February 7, 2022

The Pathetic Paradox of the Porcine Few - Orwellian Hypocrites

 The Pathetic Paradox of the Porcine Few

'Orwellian Hypocrites'

Stacey Abrams maskless in classroom

Ron Peacock (PN)

It is certainly redundant after two years of non-stop hypocrisy, but it must be admitted Stacey Abrams(D) brings a refreshing, though foul and maliferous, rationale to her recent irresponsible actions.

We learn from Abrams, the public outcry generated by the Photo-Op above, of a maskless Abrams in a classroom, has nothing to do with the act of publicly presenting the unacceptable behavior of a political figure, jeopardizing the health and lives of innocent children or even the fact that exposing these impressionable children to an unhealthy, morbidly obese person, such as Abrams, in a respected role of authority is nearly criminal in and of itself ... rather, Abrams laments this outcry stems from various forms of racism, attitudes of white supremacy, an attack on ‘Black History Month’ ... blah ... blah ...blah!!!!

Like Abrams, throughout the world, we have many 'porcine' leaders and bureaucrats living by a similar mantra "Do as I say, not as I do!". And sadly we have observed and experienced many citizens, in the roll of ‘useful idiots’, not only allowing such behavior, but supporting and defending such distressing conduct.

Through Abrams and others in authority, we can now more easily understand the ideological motivations that encouraged the ruling Pig's of 'Animal Farm', by George Orwell, into eventually declaring "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.".

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Cowardly action, Authoritarian response and a Go Fund Me that can go F itself. - ***SATIRE***



While the soyboy Socialist ‘Coward of Canada’, Justin Trudeau, surrenders to abject fear, in a remote undisclosed secure location (that could be anywhere in 90% of Canada) and is suffering from nightly episodes of bedwetting, Canadians are slowly rising in support of the Freedom 2022 Convoy.

Ottawa political hack and Chief of Police, Peter Sloly, has threatened to bring in armed forces to relieve the city from the great siege and occupation by, what PM Justine (Oops, sorry ... Justin) deemed, “a small fringe minority”. Apparently there have been reports of a heavily armed contingency of Canadian rebels preparing to cross the Ottawa River in support of the peaceful protesters for freedom.

It has been confirmed by no one, and there is no actual credible evidence, but an anonymous, unnamed and unknown tipster reported seeing what appeared to be a radical group of Canadian citizens with ill-fitting tuques in possession of snowballs, cups filled with frozen Tim Horton’s coffee and even the ominous weapons of war used in many a Winter Olympic battle ... the mysterious, but no less deadly, Curling broom and stones!

Pray for our Canadian cousins that they not fall to this “small fringe minority” who hold the “unacceptable view” of self-determination, liberty and freedom.

*****End Satire*****

You can support the Freedom Convoy 2022 through their new funding agent at:

And please remember, since is making an attempt to seize and hijack the over 10 Million dollars initially raised on their site for the freedom protesters ... make a point to tell to Go F*ck Themselves! Never support this organization again. There are alternative crowdfunding entities with much higher levels of integrity.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The True Culprits of Kenosha

The True Culprits of Kenosha

'Rioters, Leaders and the Media'

Rioters burn Kenosha, Wisconsin

Ron Peacock (PN)

Now that the fires have waned, the ashes settled and the dust cleared, the most essential lessons to be learned from the Kenosha, WI riots were lost and overshadowed by a solitary incident where a victim was compelled to use deadly force in order to preserve his life.

No matter what our
 collective opinions concerning Kyle Rittenhouse, the legal aspects of the case have now been adjudicated. Both surviving participants, Rittenhouse and Gaige Grosskreutz, lives have been changed going forward ... hopefully for the best, in both instances. 

Lost in the morass of public attention, we have overlooked the essential lessons and true culprits.

First and foremost were the rioters. Violence and destruction should never be tolerated in a civil society. And when a group uses these means to their ideological end, they are terrorist ... thugs at best. Hopefully, regardless of ideology, future individuals contemplating madness and mayhem, have learned these actions never end well and they accomplish absolutely nothing ... if not the opposite of the stated intent.

The next culprits are the leaders of the community and the State who are charged, and sworn by oath, to uphold law and order while protecting the safety, lives and property of their constituents. In Wisconsin, these leaders failed on an epic level. We can only hope they, and the rest of the country, learned a valued lesson.

And finally we come to the media. Perhaps the most notorious of the culprits since they cannot be held to accountability in the same manner as individuals and elected officials. From the very inception of the riots, too many media entities practiced deceit, obfuscation and outright fabrications concerning the events leading to the defensive actions of Rittenhouse and the subsequent chaos. It is a blessing (and an irony) that the media broadcast the entirety of the trial, where we learned first hand of their journalistic malpractice. Will any of the alleged “journalist” and media outlets, complicit in these staggering acts of malfeasance, learn a lesson? Perhaps not.  But the public needs to take note. The curtain has been pulled back and revealed the extensive rot and putrefaction of our once trusted media.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Putting COVID-19 in Perspective


Putting COVID-19 in Perspective

‘Let the Virus Run its Course?’

Image by - magnified coronavirus

With the presidential elections days away and the media’s exploitation and incessant ‘panic porn reporting’ over COVID-19 reaching new heights, it is time to put a little rational perspective to the situation as a whole.

First, let us realize that for the majority of individuals who have contracted the virus and are under 60 years of age, the chance of death is minimal. And in the majority of these cases, the symptoms, if they exist at all, are no worse than an ordinary flu. 

Now, without taking away from the seriousness of the pandemic, let us put it into some form of rational perspective: 

As of 10/20/2020, and since the first confirmed case in the United States, ten months ago, 2.49% of the population has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Note: These figures do not take into account the 15 million to 20 million illegal aliens unlawfully residing in our country and being counted in statistical data. 

As of 10/20/2020, and since the first confirmed case in the United States, ten months ago, 0.066% of the population (sixty-six one thousands of one percent) have been recorded to have died due to COVID-19. 

In the USA, 78.8% of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in individuals over the age of 65. As well, a monumental 31% of these COVID-19 deaths have been attributed to the 85 years and older demographic. 

In the United States, 0.202% (two hundred and two one thousandths of one percent) of COVID-19 deaths occurred in school / university age youths between the ages of 5 and 24 years making the number of deaths in that demographic 411 persons. Note: This makes COVID-19 3 times less lethal to youths and young adults in comparison to America’s last pandemic, the H1N1 Swine Flu of 2009-10. During that crisis, 1,229 children between 0-17 years of age fell victim to the Swine Flu from April 2009 to January 2010. 

Though daily new cases (60,588) have risen by 61% from their peak of April 2020 (36,741), daily deaths (929) have decreased by 66.2% from their peak (2,752). (as of 10/20/2020) 

According to the CDC, of all recorded COVID-19 deaths, only 6% (12,174) can be attributed to COVID-19 alone. In the remaining 94% of deaths the patients have had an average 2.6 additional conditions or causes of deaths, such as heart disease, diabetes, and sepsis (comorbidities). 

Approximately 6% of cases and deaths reported by the CDC are undetermined and have been deemed ‘Expanded Case Definition (Probable)’ by that agency and erroneously (or deceptively) included in the nationally confirmed COVID-19 case and death counts. 

The United States ranks 12th in deaths per 100,000 of population. (USA: 67.6 per 100K. Ranked number 1 is Peru with 108 deaths per 100,000 populace). 

The United States ranks 17th in cases of infection per 100,000 of population (USA: 2,542 per 100K. Ranked number 1 is Qatar with 5,624 cases per 100,000 populace).

According to data supplied by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 has infected 0.54% (
fifty-four one hundredths of one percent) of the world population. 

The same data reveals that COVID-19 deaths have been recorded in 0.014% (fourteen one thousandths of one percent) of the world population. 

The information contained within this article is not intended to reduce the seriousness of COVID-19, rather, it is presented as empirical data meant to put a proper perspective to the present situation. Contrary to the unending preponderance of ‘panic porn reporting’ by main-steam media and the manipulation, distortion and equivocations of politicians and governmental agencies intent on using this crisis for financial and personal gains as well as expanding unprecedented governmental authority, the world has faced far worse in recent history. 

For example, it is a fact that this author lived through, and survived, the far deadlier world pandemic of the 1968-69 H3N2 Hong Kong Flu (have you ever noticed that all mention of this pandemic is avoided or shunned as if it were a plague itself). The Hong Kong Flu killed an estimated 1 to 4 million people worldwide. Adjusting those numbers for world population growth since 1969 the numbers are 2,207,130 to 8,828,522 worldwide deaths. Presently, the World Health Organization is reporting a total of 1,116,131 (10/20/2020) death due to COVID-19 thus making this virus one half to possibly 7.9 times less deadly than the Hong Kong Flu. For those of us in the United States who have lived through that earlier pandemic I ask, do you remember our response? That is correct ... very limited in its scope. We did not cripple our economy and means of production, we did not put tens of millions of Americans into potentially crushing debt and poverty, we did not further bankrupt our country with TRILLONS of dollars in new debt and we did not use the crushing force of government and law enforcement to dictate a requirement and burden on healthy individuals such as being made virtual prisoners in our homes, forced to wear (in what has proven worldwide to be highly ineffective) face coverings, et al. At that time, we did our best to protect the vulnerable, we kept commerce and production, the life blood of our nation, flowing, we accepted the fact we are often at the mercy of nature, we mourned our dead, we gathered together to attended their funerals and moved forward living all facets of life as it should be lived!

It is, and has been, this authors opinion that we must accept reality, push past our fear and subscribe to the realization that our only viable and proper course of action is to focus on protecting the most vulnerable of society while letting the virus run its course.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

COVID-19 - A Proper Response

COVID-19 - A Proper Response 

Ron Peacock - Pavo News · Posted: Oct 17, 2020

Even before SARS-CoV-2 was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020, the world was well aware that this virus, quite probably unleashed upon an unsuspecting global community by Communist China, displayed one defining, distinguishing and deadly characteristic ... it preyed upon the aged and medically frail in our societies. That dynamic has not changed in the 11 months since the first officially recorded case of COVID-19 in Hubei Province, China (Nov. 17, 2019).


This fact makes it all the more incomprehensible the response, or lack of response, by many State Governors and bureaucrats in these United States. Without delving into the disastrous policies, responses and apparent subsequent cover ups by States such as New York and Governor Andrew Cuomo, let us outline what science, logic and common sense would dictate should be a proper response to the COVID-19 pandemic in relationship to the situation in the United States. First we need some context so we will look at some vital statistics as of October 2019. 

According to CDC data, the percent of COVID-19 deaths in the United States of those between the ages of:

5 to 24: 0.198% Total = 458 

25 to 64: 20.48% Total = 47,372 

65 and up: 79.3% Total = 183,324

What stands out like an ugly black ink spot on a beautiful white canvas is the total of kindergarten through university age victims (5 to 24 years) of the virus, which translates to 0.00046% of that demographics population. And schools were closed again, why? 

Next we see the percentage of deaths in what can be considered the dominant working age demographic (25 to 64), which translates to 0.027% of that demographics population. This twenty seven one hundredth of one percent of deaths leads us to once again question, why did we destroy our economy and the lives of 100’s of million of citizens by closing businesses? 

And finally we see where the real problem lies, with those 65 and over and highly vulnerable to the negative effects of this virus. Even the most incompetent of the incompetent could not miss this fact! 


1.) With over 8 million citizens diagnosed as COVID-19 positive, and until an effective and safe vaccine is found, the various States should be initiating Convalescent Plasma collection from all those actually infected and testing positive for the virus antibody. This will be used in an effort to protect the most vulnerable of our population. Though it is as of yet unclear how effective COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma treatment will be, 
convalescent plasma has been highly effective in other past circumstances. We are talking about saving lives, we must use every possible weapon at our disposal. 

2.) All businesses will resume norm activity and all employees will return to work, with the exception of those 60 and over who choose not to do so. This will aid in the building of natural herd immunity amongst the least vulnerable population in the USA and reduce unnecessary deaths over time. It will also reduce the current possibility of virus mutation (possibly becoming far more dangerous) by the actions presently taken. Now that the virus seems endemic in all States, the longer it is left to re-propagate with these ineffectual “mitigation” directives and mandates, we become more and more at risk. 

3.) All presently working citizens 60 and over are to be recipients of an additional $600.00 a week unemployment checks as well as receiving their appropriate state benefits and will not be required to work. This will be voluntary and if an individual chooses to work, they will not receive the benefits. 

4.) All nursing home, care facilities, assisted living facilities, etc. will be locked-down and completely quarantined. All employee’s and staff will be required to remain on site and only allowed to leave and rotate staff after following strict safety protocols. These staff members and employees will be compensated by for their sacrifice with an additional $600.00 per week for all time (to be determined) spent on station (at the facility) and during mandatory monitoring and quarantine prior to resuming their next ‘tour of duty’.

5.) If an effective and safe vaccine is produced, the first priority of distribution will be to those 60 and older followed by those qualified staff and employees mentioned in section 4 above. As well, those with multiple, qualifying 
comorbidities, will be the next in line for the vaccine with no exception to age. There will be NO exception to the prioritizing of the vaccine administration and to do so will result in felony criminal charges yet to be determined. 

6.) All legislation introduced into the various States and the U.S. Congress should be stand-alone, single issue Bills solely addressing the crisis at hand; they should not be used to hold the American people hostage to legislation that would otherwise have no opportunity of passing the scrutiny of the American people.

With close to 240,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, these measures could have saved an untold number of lives yet, science, logic, reason and common sense were abandoned for political and personal gains. More so, the American public discarded all rational thought and responsibility and came to act nothing short of a group of hysterical 6 year old girls when confronted by a harmless mouse.

***Note: This is an amended excerpt of a detailed and comprehensive 36 page document I sent to State and Federal officials. That 36 page document encompassed all assets of a proper response to this COVID-19 crisis and was intended to be a simple, plain language composition to be introduced into the various legislative processes. Instead, the American people were burdened with Bills consisting of crippling debt, actions that were not directed toward the most obvious areas of need and filled with special interest concerns that had no relation to the virus and the needs of the American people.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Reading Deeper into Dr. Fauci’s Comments

Reading Deeper into Dr. Fauci’s Comments

Dr. Fauci wearing a face diaper

In an Instagram live chat with actress Jennifer Garner Dr. Fauci was asked "When are we going to be able to sit in a theater and watch our favorite performers up on stage again?". His response is not only reflective concerning the question at hand but just as pertinent to the overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reading deeper into Dr. Fauci’s answer we can see, if he has things his way: 

Businesses will be closed (or limited to their current operation) for over one year or more.

Schools would never reopen.

Church services, sporting events, seminars, rallies ... any event that would constitute the gathering of people would be banned until he deemed safe.

In all likelihood, he would like to see the vaccine be government mandated and the apparently ineffective face diapers (masks) would be here to stay.

It is time to stop the nonsense and address the problem in a logical manner; get America back to productive levels, reopen schools, reopen business and let society function in a healthy and normal manner. Since when did a nation deliberately destroy its economic wealth, shut down its means of production, damage the psychological health of its citizens, deliberately cast its populace into poverty and abandon the education of its children?

In order to properly tackle this problem, let us first understand how the virus effects the population.

According to the CDC, as of 09/14/2020: 

79.04% of the COVID-19 death were in the demographic of 65 and older. 

0.19% (Yes, nineteen one hundredths of one percent!) of COVID-19 deaths have been recorded in the school/college age demographic of 5 to 24 years old. (That is 369 people out of the USA’s population of 84,045,969 in that particular age group which translates to 0.00043% of the school age population ... or another way to put it, the chance of dying in that age group is 4 in a million!)

8.8% of deaths have been recorded in what can be considered the working age demographic of American adults 25 to 64.

Of all COVID-19 deaths, only 6% are from the virus alone. The other 94% all involve a comorbidity.

For 94% of deaths with a comorbidity in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional comorbidities per death.

Approximately 6% of reported deaths that are being counted in the ‘total death count’ are actually ‘probable deaths’ which the CDC has decided (in its infinite wisdom and determination to present scientific fact of their own choosing ... so, that is to say, basically scientific and mathematical voodoo and another tool in creating unwarranted panic. :-) ) to include these cases as actual COVID-19 deaths.

With that noted, the solution is rather simple. We reopen and put America back to work. We open all schools, and in spite of the unions opposition, mandate teachers get back to their jobs or face immediate termination from employment. Any unemployment or enhanced unemployment benefits will be issued only to those who were previously (pre-COVID-19) or presently employed and are in the 65 and up age group. The same rule would apply to other individuals with VERIFIED AND DOCUMENTED comorbidities which would put them in a life threatening situation should they contract the virus. These individuals will be given the personal choice of remaining with their employer or taking leave and receiving the enhanced unemployment benefits.

And lastly, society must relearn and accept we are at the mercy of nature. Diseases have been around much longer than mankind and in all likelihood, will be around when humanity vanishes. With these diseases often comes a percentage of death. We must not destroy what has taken century upon century to build, we must protect the vulnerable, bury the dead and get on with life as it should be lived!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Disseminating Distorted Data -Ohio

Disseminating Distorted Data 

'Disturbing Discovery in Ohio'

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

In events that can only be described as calculatingly contrived, maliciously manipulated and deviously deceptive, The Pavo News has learned the misleading manner in which the state of Ohio is reporting COVID-19 numbers.

As we attempt to dig deeper into this apparent manipulation and governmental malfeasance, let me offer a brief explanation of the situation.

The State of Ohio produces two sets of numbers for ‘
Cases’, ‘Hospitalizations’, ‘Deaths’, ‘Presumed Recovered’ and ‘ICU Admissions’ one set being the ‘Total Reported’ (this is what is reported to the media) and the other being the real, actual and factual ‘Daily Count’. Here is where the difference is significant and extreme.

For example: On July 21, 2020 Ohio officially reported a case increase of 1,047 new cases when the actual new cases reported on that day were 246. Why are there an extra 801 cases that were reported as having occurred on that given day? The answer lies within the way the State documents cases and also reveals the way the numbers are being manipulated to increase panic, and by doing so, allow our ‘Yoda’ look-alike Governor to implement his pet draconian mandate ... mandatory face masks.

Anyway, let’s get back to July 21st.  There where only 246 actual new cases for the ‘Daily Count’ but there were an extra 801 cases included in the ‘Total Reported Cases’ on that date. From where did these 801 cases derive? They come from past cases, that could go back as far as 7 months ago in January, which the State has just now cataloged from state backlogs ... in a word, misinformation!

So citizens of Ohio (and many other States) you are being played like a cheap fiddle. Throughout the whole of the State there has not been one single “journalist” (or even elected official(s)) willing to perform their due diligence and investigate and/or report on this matter.

More to come ...

Friday, June 5, 2020

Hydroxychloroquine and scientific integrity of studies

by Ron Peacock

So what is the motive behind presenting false and inaccurate data on the use of Hydroxychloroquine? Is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) so epic that researchers would endanger the lives of millions in an attempt to falsely prove a certain individual wrong? The medical journal, The Lancet, which originally published the report has this damning statement in their retraction concerning the study " The Lancet takes issues of scientific integrity extremely seriously, and there are many outstanding questions about Surgisphere and the data that were allegedly included in this study."

It is disgusting the lengths people will travel on their journey of hatred toward the President. No lives matter to them, their psychosis rules their lives and actions 

Retraction of hydrochloroquine study

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reporting Inconsistencies

We are investigating inconsistencies with the John Hopkins reporting of new daily cases of COVID-19 as compared to what is being reported on the state level by the individual health departments. Some examples:

May 19, 2020
 OH 118    JH 498
 GA 57    JH 572
 TX 1219    JH 1400
 NY 1525    JH 1500
 SD 22    JH 58
 FL 485    JH 502
 AR 82     JH 110
  IA 213     JH 341
We see huge inconsistencies in the numbers reported in Ohio and Georgia. Only the numbers from New York State are correct?!?!?!?! Might some chicanery be in the offing?

As a side note, we found the numbers reported by John Hopkins to be uncomfortably the same as numbers presented by that most unreliable of sources, Wikipedia?!?!!? Is John Hopkins using Wikipedia to fuel their models? Wikipedia claims “Data comes from Wikipedia, and cases are constantly updated from resources around the world. Daily situation reports are also available on the World Health Organization site”. So what is it? Is John Hopkins using Wikipedia or is Wikipedia using John Hopkins?

We make no conclusion, but we are trying to get to the bottom of this anomaly. Any help or input from anyone would be appreciated.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Tale of Two States

by Ron Peacock

The Tale of Two States

Without going into the finer details of the gross mismanagement and nonsensical, misguided, dangerous decisions on the part of New York State and New York City in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, let us look at some numbers from two comparative states, Florida under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and New York State under Governor Cuomo (D-NY) during this same crisis.

Population - 21.48 million
Percentage of Senior Citizens 65 and over - 20.29%
Land area - 53,624 square miles
Population Density - 365 per square mile

New York:
Population - 19.5 million
Percentage of Senior Citizens 65 and over - 16.51%
Land area - 47,126 square miles
Population Density - 417 per square mile

As you can see, these States are relatively as close as you can get to being equal in these categories.

Now let us look at the numbers concerning this virus outbreak as of 05/07/2020 @ 1800 hrs.

Number Infected - 38,828
Number of Deaths - 1,600
Mortality per Confirmed Infection - 4.12%
Number of Death per population - 0.007%

New York
Number Infected - 327,469
Number of Deaths - 26,130
Mortality per Confirmed Infection - 7.97%
Number of Death per population - 0.134%

Draw your own conclusions. It is time for people to think for themselves ... if that possibility even exists!!!!

New York City will not be quarantined

Governor Cuomo

You were saying Governor Death (Cuomo)?

This is 6 days after President Trump wisely announced his European travel ban ... New York and NYC, not many people love you now! And do you think we will ever help you again when you try to tax the wonderful, selfless volunteers that came to your rescue? As my Australian friends were prone to say ... PISS OFF!!!!!!!!

Gov. Cuomo says New York City will not be quarantined: ‘It cannot happen’:

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Proper Response

by Ron Peacock 

Image of COVID-19 virus

This is in response to the many memes and cut-and-paste posts on many social media venues (apparently many people do not have an original though in their heads and/or are incapable of writing in their own words.). 

If you live in paralyzing fear, follow the recommendations mentioned in this article.

1.) If you have a fear of transmitting the disease, voluntarily quarantine yourself (a voluntary term of solitary confinement) and do not leave your home and do not interact with ANYONE for absolutely ANY reason.

2.) Conversely, if you fear contracting the disease, take the recommendation stated in number 1 above. Otherwise leave the rest of us to do the business of saving this country from the impending disaster created by this illogical response to the pandemic.

3.) As of May 1, 2020 the CDC National Center for Health Statistics shows 79.48% of COVID-19 death involve persons of 65 years and older. If you are in that demographic and fear contracting the disease, follow the recommendation stated in number 1 above. Otherwise leave the rest of us to do the business of saving this country from the impending disaster created by this illogical response to the pandemic.

4.) If you have an underlining condition that puts you in greater danger of death should you contract COVID-19, follow the recommendation stated in number 1 above. Otherwise leave the rest of us to do the business of saving this country from the impending disaster created by this illogical response to the pandemic.

Common sense indeed dictates that we should isolate, monitor and respond to the needs of the demographic that comprises approximately 90% of fatalities (thus consolidating our resources) who are the aged and those with underlying conditions. And as for the rest of the healthy population, let the virus run its course to attain ‘herd immunity’. This insanity of house arrest for American citizens and forbidding business to operate is not only hysterical in nature, it is unconstitutional, and is bringing this country to a place we do not want to go ... But if we do, what side will you be on?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Prescient President

The Prescient President
How George W Bush warned America in 2005 of the oncoming pandemic


It was the early 2000’s when President George W. Bush, a much maligned and hated representative of the people by those on the far left, warned of impending crises looming in America’s near future. In the case of one crisis he was ignored mostly by Democrats who vociferously denied the existence of the problem, if not making boldface statements of the opposite conclusion and denying the Presidents warnings. In the other instance, President Bush proposed a detailed, comprehensive program to defend America in light of this coming American crisis. It has now been proven that President Bush was more than far sighted in his dire warnings of these few events which we now know eventually came to pass; President Bush had the vision to see beyond the first row of seats ... he was prescient!

Of course, one of those events was the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which we will not discuss here) and the ultimate banking crisis that almost destroyed the United States, as well as other world nations. The other was the impending threat of a deadly pandemic. In a world of politics and myopic, short sighted vision, where most elected officials can only see as far as the next election, President Bush genuinely cared for the health and citizenry of this nation ... and he was prescient!

Alas, as with all things political, there was corruption, back door deals, deception, broken promises, lies and outright thievery amongst the State players involved. Such remains the norm when you have an uneducated, low-information, US electorate. Those who care more about the details of some Kardashian’s life as opposed having any knowledge of their country and the life blood that once made this nation great, while continuing to vote into office the same charlatans that have hoodwinked them for decades ... if not centuries in some cases ... they are not prescient!

In the end, President Bush could not sustain his program. Many States took the money allocated for these important preparations and reallocated to pet projects, businesses of family, friends and staunch financial supporters within their State (not unlike the actions of Governor Cuomo in 2015 when presented with the reports and recommendations of national and State health officials which stated New York was sorely unprepared and in need of immediate attention for the inevitable unfolding crisis ... instead Cuomo squandered the money which resulted in the unprecedented death of New Yorker's from the COVID-19 virus) , others were disinterested with the work this would encompass and yet others plain didn’t care. These politicians are now the rabble attempting to present the solutions to the very problems they created ... what a laugh ... yet the "sheeple" respond to these obvious scheming actions. No matter to me, I have long ago given up on America, as of 2009 ... because I am prescient!

And as a passing comment I’d like to present a thought growing and burning in my heart, as well as millions of other Americans who understand the nature of our system of a Federalist, Constitutional Republic government, and that is: It may be time to refresh the ‘tree of liberty’ ... it thirsts for nourishment, life's natural manure, our natural fertilizer consisting of the blood of political tyrants that are attempting to overlord the people, and just as well, those of us patriots willing to sacrifice for the righteous and just cause of liberty, freedom and human dignity ... perhaps this will prove to be prescient!

scientia potentia est

In Ohio We the People Win

The People Win!!!!

 Gov. DeWine in what appears to be unsafe homemade cloth mask
Ohioans have taken back some control from America’s newest authoritarian tyrants (State Governors) and forced Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH) to stand down from his unconstitutional State mandate that all customers MUST wear some form of mask to be allowed into retail business going forward into Ohio’s reopening of the economy.

In a State order reminiscent of the force used by leftist such as Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot and Vladimir Lenin, the Governor was forced to back off his despotic decree that "no mask, no work, no service, no exception." would be the law of the land. The people loudly voiced their opposition to such a draconian, dictatorial ultimatum and DeWine was forced to abandon this unlawful sanction.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Let the Virus Run its Course

Let the Virus Run its Course

Ever so slowly I am beginning to take on a new outlook concerning the former ‘Chinese Wuhan Virus’, now commonly referred to as the COVID-19 pandemic, and realizing the experts are nearly as clueless as the public. Please note, I am not singling out any specific “experts” rather, the overwhelming, conflicting and often contrarian recommendations and conclusions from health “experts” world wide.

But first I must include one exception and that is the World Health Organization (WHO) led by Ethiopian Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is widely known to have been in collusion, direct involvement, bribery and criminally corrupt activities while collaborating with his Chinese benefactors during a major crisis in his own homeland. Apparently, all this qualified this despicable man as the most notable candidate for appointment as Director General of the World Health Organization. His public statements, refusal to address China’s irresponsible behavior, the apparent cover up he is orchestrating while being masterfully manipulated by the strings of Beijing, who are obviously controlling the doctors actions, demand his immediate dismissal, a swift independent investigation which will result in criminal and human rights violations brought before The Hague.

The WHO’s unscrupulousness Ethiopian Director General aside, let us delve into three important factors seemingly agreed upon by most of the worlds medical inteligencia:

1.) The outlook for an effective vaccination is as much as 15 months away.

2.) Testing capable of speedy and immediate administration for the 7.7+ Billion residents of planet earth may not be a possibility for many months to come ... if not longer.

3.) So far, the consensus has been determined that a more than vast population of peoples exposed to the virus, and have survived, manufacture the appropriate antibodies which render them immune to this current strain of COVID-19. As well, it appears that a great majority of the population are asymptomatic or only experience mild to medium flu-like symptoms during the course of their illness.

Now let us review the reaction of the entire world during this event in which a mere 0.00138 percent of the entire population (7.777 Billion) have died due to the virus. Don’t read this wrong, every life is precious to someone, this analysis requires the absence of emotional hysteria and panic and requires us to look coldly at mathematical data. In this case, we have literally crippled the world and the detrimental results will ripple through many societies for years to come.

First let us review the pandemic of pandemics, the 1918-19 influenza outbreak which claimed the lives of as many as 50 million people in a world wide population of approximately 1.7 Billion souls. This puts the death rate at 2.49 percent of the world population, approximately 2,000 times more deadly than COVID-19.

In 2009 the H1N1 Swine flu (another pathogen passed onto the world by our Red Chinese neighbors) claimed approximately 423,700 lives world wide with an unusually high number of victims being children. At the time, the world population was 6.85 Billion making the death rate 0.00618 percent of that world population and 3.9 times more deadly than COVID-19. What was our response? Well, we did not cripple the economies of the world. Life went on, people died and we finally found a vaccine approximately 7 months after the first infections where noted in Shanghai, China

Lastly, just for shear numbers, let us review the normal seasonal death rate of influenza world wide. The World Health Organization reports that influenza kills 650,000 victims per year. As of 2019, the mass of humanity was 7.57 Billion. This equates to a world population death percentage of 0.00858  which makes it 5.42 times more deadly than the COVID-19 virus.

So, without an effective vaccine, there is one way, and only one way, to defeat this virus and end the madness we are experiencing:

Let the virus run its course!!!!!

Certainly people will die ... and I may be one of those victims ... but the world economy cannot collapse. Lives must be sacrificed and we must build an immunity for the majority of the world population now or we will be experiencing these out breaks and world economy shutdowns until the vaccine is ready, possible as far away as July 15th 2021, according to “experts”.

We must follow the example of South Korea and quarantine the susceptible elements of society that are at risk of serious effects and let the rest of the population continue to put our economies, societies and lifestyles back in order.

Herd immunity is the ONLY logical answer at this time and with the present knowledge that is available, let it happen!

Let the virus run its course!!!

We must not destroy all we have achieved, for multiple generations, for the sake of a few hundred thousand people. There are 7.777 Billion of individuals (and counting) that depend upon a functioning social infrastructure. The lives of the few, the weakest amongst us, must be sacrificed for the lives of the many.

If this absurdity continues, more people will suffer and die going forward due to our economic destruction than this virus will ever claim!!!!!

Let the virus run its course!!!

Reclaim your civil rights, your Constitutionally guaranteed protections which we so easily relinquished and take hold of our societies sanity from the hands of bureaucrats (many unelected) destine to use this event to limit our liberties in the near future. Keep in mind the results of the oppressive ‘Patriots Act’ that was intended to be temporary and now has become permanently instilled in our legal system. Reject your role as the sheeple and think ahead, not in the moment!!!!

Let the virus run its course!!!

Monday, March 16, 2020

We are all the Same - 'I am a Communist'

Under todays raucous climate, this may offend a few but that is what it means to be living in a Representative Constitutional Republic (not a democracy). I make no apologies, take it for what it is worth ... we all have our options. Laugh if you are from the left and relish the joy of it all if are from the right.

The truth is, there is not left or right, only individuality, liberty and freedom ... all these things granted by the greatest of all historical Republics and in direct opposition to all other political ideologies having been passed down and failed miserably in the past. Preserve it, defend it and never lose it to those who would steal the rights given us by providence.

This was not written in today's climate. I wrote this song (my last) in 2004. Some of the faces have changed to reflect the crisis we now face.

We are the Same
I am a Communist

I keep Mao’s little red book in the back of my jeans,
Preach utopia but don’t know what it means.
Lenin and Marx are men I wish I had known
But they were all gone before I was born

I am a liberal,
a free thinker.
I am progressive
I am a socialist
I am a communist

I lie, I cheat, I revise history
and the “useful idiots”, they all follow me.
I sue, I protest and peace songs I write
to weaken your mind and steal your will to fight

I am a liberal,
a free thinker.
I am progressive
I am a socialist
I am a communist

For the needs of the many,
I take all that you own;
You’ll get a ten by ten room that you can call home

And your Bill of Rights is all I need
to pervert and distort your liberty.
In the guise of freedom I’ll take it from you
Yeah, me and my comrades in the A-C-L-U

I am a liberal,
a free thinker.
I am progressive
I am a socialist
I am a communist

Yeah, we’re one in the same
it’s all a word game
cause a rose is a rose no matter what the name.

I am a liberal,
a free thinker.
I am progressive
I am a socialist
I am a communist.

© 2004 Pavo Productions - Ron Peacock

An RSS Technologies Subsidiary
in cooperation

Sunday, February 24, 2019

When They Come to Take Your Guns

Nancy Pelosi hammering gavel
In her recent attempts to undermine the security and sovereignty of our nation, Nancy Pelosi, either willingly or unwittingly, revealed a coming Democratic strategy to curtail the Second Amendment rights of United States citizens.

In a speech that can only be described as open and public extortion, Pelosi threatened President Trump and the American public with the prospect of a Democratic President declaring gun violence a national emergency. Considering the make-up of the current Democrat party, we need not theorize with much effort to conclude this threats meaning. I will only say, I hope you do not possess any registered weapons that can be traced to you or your homes. If you do, expect a knock on your door from government thugs, warrants in hand, SWAT team at the ready and you will be “compelled” to surrender all your weapons, ammunition, magazines and various accessories.

This, now real possibility, got me thinking and curious. I reached out to gun owners and presented them with a question, “hypothetically, how would you respond if such a scenario were to unfold in the near future?”. The predominant and immediate response was to the effect, “they’ll get my guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands”. At first glance, a noble and courageous response, but one dripping in bravado while lacking in rationale ... I dug more deeply.

The majority of the gun owners I spoke with were thirty years old and above, current or former military personnel, in a relationship or married, parents of children still in the home, gainfully employed, legally in possession of their firearms, legal citizens of this country and politically moderate to conservative. I had hoped to get the perspective of more liberal gun owners but the closest I came to that was, a millennial who had inherited a slingshot from his uncle and, upon learning of my experience with weapons, asked if I could install a Trigger Lock on the slingshot because he feared someone would inadvertently find it and recklessly “shoot” someone by accident!!! Anyway, I discussed with the gun owners in more detail the events and the situation that would be in place should the Democratic fascists send their jackbooted minions to come and seize their weapons. Since nearly all the individuals I questioned are upstanding, law abiding, responsible pillars of their communities, their original answers changed upon deeper reflection. We imagined the scenario playing out in a fashion not dissimilar to the following:

It is 4:00 AM, you are at home with your family sleeping (a husband or wife, two young children, the family dog and maybe a cat). You are awakened from a dead sleep by the loud pounding of a ‘cop knock’ on your front door. You rise out of bed, stumble to the front door, ask “who’s there at this an ungodly hour?” to which you hear the response, “This is the ATF, we have a warrant to search your house and remove all firearms per President Michelle Obama's National Emergency decree. It is in your best interest to open the door, NOW!!!!”. You hesitate and begin to ask “what right do yo ...” at which time you are cutoff by the government agent who says “Sir, I would remind you of Ruby Ridge and Waco! I will repeat, it is in your best interest to cooperate and fully comply with my directives, immediately!” And at this point in the scenario, is where all the respondents to my question changed their collective minds and re-evaluated their probable actions.

The basic summation of the subjects I questioned, at the point in the scenario where the choice became either sheepishly comply or take up arms and go down with your family in a blaze of glory, was nearly always, surrender to the might of the governments force! It is in fact, and most sadly, the only option available to rational, decent men and women in such a predicament.

I also encountered a few who brought up the possibility of communities and gun owners banding together to form a resistance. Though it was not my intention to explore multiple narratives, we quickly delved into this one. This would be a worse case scenario since it would mean having open and armed rebellion. I see this as a no win situation also.

Let us assume something like this transpires. We still have a situation where innocent civilians, and more importantly, children will be put in harms way and homes and worldly possessions are put at risk of being destroyed. But, put that aside for the moment. Assume a band of citizens resist ‘Dear Leader’, Michelle O’s executive order and with the support of Congress, led by Comrade Pelosi, military units are activated and sent to respond in wake of the resistance. Do you really think America’s patriots are prepared to face the awesome capability of our military forces in an armed confrontation?

When the M1A2 Abram tanks roll into the neighborhood with overhead cover provided by AH-1Z Viper helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolt ‘Warthog’s’, maybe a drone (UCAV) or two for good measure and a couple of battalions of infantry, what do you think the odds are for the outmatched patriots, with their semi-automatic, not ready for prime-time “assault rifles”, bolt action hunting rifles and skeet-shooting shotguns? Well let me say, the odds of these patriots winning are far worse than the odds of the New England Patriots winning a Super Bowl, with Tom Brady as quarterback, when he is 50 years old ... okay ... maybe a bad example ... the odds are too high in favor of the New England Patriots ... I better make that, Brady at 60 years old!

In conclusion, I’ve come to believe that should the government ever come for our guns, and should law enforcement and the military remain loyal to such unconstitutional law makers, we will all be turning in our registered weapons as meekly as a sheep goes to slaughter.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tonight, I am ...

Terrorist killings in Paris, France
Tonight I am Charlie Hebdo , I am a Coptic Christian, I am a Jew, I am an atheist, I am a marine in the barracks of Lebanon, I am a worker of The World Trade Center, I am the American Ambassador to Libya, I am a passenger of Russian Flight 9268, I am a spectator at the Boston Marathon, I am Daniel Pearl, I am Black Hawk down, I am a woman covered from head to toe in cloth and I have no rights, I am a 5 year old boy now called a “Bacha Bazi”, I am an 8 year old Zoroastrian girl whose family was slaughtered like animals before her eyes and then sold into a life of sexual slavery, I am Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, I am a sailor on the USS Cole, I am a disenfranchised citizen who was pushed aside to make room for the “Refugees”, I am a US Embassy worker in Kenya, I am the abused citizen of any nation, state or municipality that denies its lawful citizens the right to protect themselves, I am the millions of names of the victims lost to history (or more commonly, deliberately excluded).  Yes, I am every victim from the 7th century until this day in Paris.  Woe is me, for I am a victim of the “Junior Varsity Team”!.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adieu, little Ahmed: The bomb ... er ... clock maker (Satire)

The Editor
S.U.C.C.S., OH (PN)

Obama hugs Ahmed the bomb clock maker
After completing his “false flag”, trial run mission, little Islamist Ahmed the “clock maker” is returning to the lands of Mohammed (curses be upon him).  The announcement was made just 24 hours after Ahmed met with Barrack Hussein Obama, at which time he may have received new marching orders from our President.  Ahmed and his family have accepted the grateful invitation from the Sharia paradise of Qatar (rhymes with gutter, and for good reason) in order that he may continue his world renowned and unprecedented research into disassembling and reassembling antiquated digital clocks.  Inside sources, who refused to be identified, have revealed the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development are interested in enrolling little Ahmed in their budding BOOT camp (Bombs Out of Obsolete Timepieces) program.

Insiders have also disclosed that Ahmed and his radicalized father, Mohamed Al Hassan (aka Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed), were at first reluctant to make the move until the Qatar government guaranteed little Amhed all the “pet” goats a Muslim boy could desire while offering his father an endless supply of imported Bacha bazi boys.  Ahmed’s Mother was unavailable for comment since she is no longer allowed to speak or be seen in public.

We bid thee adieu, little Ahmed.  You will be missed by a treasure trove of self-loathing American dupes.  May the wind always blow at the back of your camel and the laser sights of a AGM-114 Hellfire missile be "painted" on yours.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ancient Ruins, an Apologist and a Bathhouse

The moment of destruction -- Temple of Baal Shamin in the Syrian city of Palmyra
The moment of destruction -- Temple of Baal Shamin in the Syrian city of Palmyra
Ron Peacock
S.U.C.C.S., OH (PN)

As our impotent President, Barack Hussein Obama, stood idle, the “junior varsity team” (the Islamic State a.k.a. IS, ISIS or ISIL) has destroyed much of the ancient Semitic city of Palmyra.  From May of this year, until just days ago, these barbaric throwbacks of the “religion of peace” have been left unchallenged and unmolested to wantonly destroy this great ancient architectural achievement and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  As would be expected, the United Nations and the major world leaders decisively gathered some paper, rattled their pens, issued a scathing condemnation and are now awaiting the Islamic States withdrawal in the face of such a strong, united and purposeful reaction.

Though the destruction of Palmyra by IS is irreversible and permanent, it should be worth noting that the Islamic States existence may not share the same fortune. Enter Vladimir Putin, a man of determination, strength, pride and sense of honor for his country. In short, a man of action to be reckoned with.

It appears, the virtuous responsibility of eradicating IS has been taken up by Vladimir Putin and the mighty Russian military which has accomplished more in two days than the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama (our purported Commander-in-chief) managed in over a year. In light of the anemic response of our seemingly Islamic apologist President, I find myself in the decidedly distasteful position of supporting Russia’s actions. The United States military command has been weakened and “fundamentally transformed” by Obama. He has purged our military of our most experienced and loyal generals and replaced them with “men” plainly more comfortable in a San Francisco bathhouse than a command and control center. Our military is now seen as ineffectual and lacking competent leadership. What was, not too long ago, the most powerful force for good the world has ever known, The United States, is now perceived as a paper tiger, an unfaithful ally and the butt of jokes worldwide.

As I wish continued success for the Russian and Syrian armies, I will continually remind myself that this Nobel Peace Prize winning President, along with his dubious (if not criminal) Secretary of State, orchestrated the so called ‘Arab Spring’ -- thereby setting the middle east ablaze and paving the way for the Islamic States conquests. In this fact will my discomfort, in support for Russia, be mitigated.