Sunday, April 12, 2020

Let the Virus Run its Course

Let the Virus Run its Course

Ever so slowly I am beginning to take on a new outlook concerning the former ‘Chinese Wuhan Virus’, now commonly referred to as the COVID-19 pandemic, and realizing the experts are nearly as clueless as the public. Please note, I am not singling out any specific “experts” rather, the overwhelming, conflicting and often contrarian recommendations and conclusions from health “experts” world wide.

But first I must include one exception and that is the World Health Organization (WHO) led by Ethiopian Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is widely known to have been in collusion, direct involvement, bribery and criminally corrupt activities while collaborating with his Chinese benefactors during a major crisis in his own homeland. Apparently, all this qualified this despicable man as the most notable candidate for appointment as Director General of the World Health Organization. His public statements, refusal to address China’s irresponsible behavior, the apparent cover up he is orchestrating while being masterfully manipulated by the strings of Beijing, who are obviously controlling the doctors actions, demand his immediate dismissal, a swift independent investigation which will result in criminal and human rights violations brought before The Hague.

The WHO’s unscrupulousness Ethiopian Director General aside, let us delve into three important factors seemingly agreed upon by most of the worlds medical inteligencia:

1.) The outlook for an effective vaccination is as much as 15 months away.

2.) Testing capable of speedy and immediate administration for the 7.7+ Billion residents of planet earth may not be a possibility for many months to come ... if not longer.

3.) So far, the consensus has been determined that a more than vast population of peoples exposed to the virus, and have survived, manufacture the appropriate antibodies which render them immune to this current strain of COVID-19. As well, it appears that a great majority of the population are asymptomatic or only experience mild to medium flu-like symptoms during the course of their illness.

Now let us review the reaction of the entire world during this event in which a mere 0.00138 percent of the entire population (7.777 Billion) have died due to the virus. Don’t read this wrong, every life is precious to someone, this analysis requires the absence of emotional hysteria and panic and requires us to look coldly at mathematical data. In this case, we have literally crippled the world and the detrimental results will ripple through many societies for years to come.

First let us review the pandemic of pandemics, the 1918-19 influenza outbreak which claimed the lives of as many as 50 million people in a world wide population of approximately 1.7 Billion souls. This puts the death rate at 2.49 percent of the world population, approximately 2,000 times more deadly than COVID-19.

In 2009 the H1N1 Swine flu (another pathogen passed onto the world by our Red Chinese neighbors) claimed approximately 423,700 lives world wide with an unusually high number of victims being children. At the time, the world population was 6.85 Billion making the death rate 0.00618 percent of that world population and 3.9 times more deadly than COVID-19. What was our response? Well, we did not cripple the economies of the world. Life went on, people died and we finally found a vaccine approximately 7 months after the first infections where noted in Shanghai, China

Lastly, just for shear numbers, let us review the normal seasonal death rate of influenza world wide. The World Health Organization reports that influenza kills 650,000 victims per year. As of 2019, the mass of humanity was 7.57 Billion. This equates to a world population death percentage of 0.00858  which makes it 5.42 times more deadly than the COVID-19 virus.

So, without an effective vaccine, there is one way, and only one way, to defeat this virus and end the madness we are experiencing:

Let the virus run its course!!!!!

Certainly people will die ... and I may be one of those victims ... but the world economy cannot collapse. Lives must be sacrificed and we must build an immunity for the majority of the world population now or we will be experiencing these out breaks and world economy shutdowns until the vaccine is ready, possible as far away as July 15th 2021, according to “experts”.

We must follow the example of South Korea and quarantine the susceptible elements of society that are at risk of serious effects and let the rest of the population continue to put our economies, societies and lifestyles back in order.

Herd immunity is the ONLY logical answer at this time and with the present knowledge that is available, let it happen!

Let the virus run its course!!!

We must not destroy all we have achieved, for multiple generations, for the sake of a few hundred thousand people. There are 7.777 Billion of individuals (and counting) that depend upon a functioning social infrastructure. The lives of the few, the weakest amongst us, must be sacrificed for the lives of the many.

If this absurdity continues, more people will suffer and die going forward due to our economic destruction than this virus will ever claim!!!!!

Let the virus run its course!!!

Reclaim your civil rights, your Constitutionally guaranteed protections which we so easily relinquished and take hold of our societies sanity from the hands of bureaucrats (many unelected) destine to use this event to limit our liberties in the near future. Keep in mind the results of the oppressive ‘Patriots Act’ that was intended to be temporary and now has become permanently instilled in our legal system. Reject your role as the sheeple and think ahead, not in the moment!!!!

Let the virus run its course!!!


  1. What you seem not to consider is of the only 646,000 closed cases 124,000 resulted in death. That's a 21% mortality rate. Yes the "vast majority" recovered, but that was with lock down procedured in place. Open it all up, and what is an an acceptable amount of death...21% of the 340 million American population??? We have tested less than 1% of the American population and it is speculated by hospital doctors only 2% of the American population has been exposed. I think as a nurse, you are uninformed and ignorant.

  2. We all are familiar with the saying Mark Twain once popularized, aren’t we? It ends with the word “statistics”.

    Without a denominator, it is impossible and irresponsible to place a mortality rate on COVID-19. The denominator needed is the actual, total exposed population to the virus. As of 08:24 hrs on 04/17/2020 the number of tested Americans remains at roughly 1%. At the moment, no one on God’s green earth has a clue as to how many people have been exposed. Numbers such as ‘Confirmed Cases’ or ‘Total Recovered’ are less than meaningless in this mathematical determination.

    There is only one comparative number, at the moment, to past pandemics and that is the number who have died (even that is now being skewed since New York City is “now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it [COVID -19])”. What outstanding medical and scientific ignorant, voodoo!!!!!!

    And “speculation” by other than “hospital doctors” believe the rate of infection much higher than 2% of the population. “Health officials and epidemiologists have estimated there are five to 10 people with undetected infections for every confirmed case in some communities, and at least one estimate suggests there are far more. And as I write, even more possibilities emerge ‘Stanford study suggests coronavirus is more widespread than realized’

    Only time will tell the toll of this virus on humanity, and let us hope our present preventive measures are not responsible for death and suffering far worse than this virus could ever wreak worldwide.