Friday, November 13, 2015

Tonight, I am ...

Terrorist killings in Paris, France
Tonight I am Charlie Hebdo , I am a Coptic Christian, I am a Jew, I am an atheist, I am a marine in the barracks of Lebanon, I am a worker of The World Trade Center, I am the American Ambassador to Libya, I am a passenger of Russian Flight 9268, I am a spectator at the Boston Marathon, I am Daniel Pearl, I am Black Hawk down, I am a woman covered from head to toe in cloth and I have no rights, I am a 5 year old boy now called a “Bacha Bazi”, I am an 8 year old Zoroastrian girl whose family was slaughtered like animals before her eyes and then sold into a life of sexual slavery, I am Filmmaker Theo van Gogh, I am a sailor on the USS Cole, I am a disenfranchised citizen who was pushed aside to make room for the “Refugees”, I am a US Embassy worker in Kenya, I am the abused citizen of any nation, state or municipality that denies its lawful citizens the right to protect themselves, I am the millions of names of the victims lost to history (or more commonly, deliberately excluded).  Yes, I am every victim from the 7th century until this day in Paris.  Woe is me, for I am a victim of the “Junior Varsity Team”!.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adieu, little Ahmed: The bomb ... er ... clock maker (Satire)

The Editor
S.U.C.C.S., OH (PN)

Obama hugs Ahmed the bomb clock maker
After completing his “false flag”, trial run mission, little Islamist Ahmed the “clock maker” is returning to the lands of Mohammed (curses be upon him).  The announcement was made just 24 hours after Ahmed met with Barrack Hussein Obama, at which time he may have received new marching orders from our President.  Ahmed and his family have accepted the grateful invitation from the Sharia paradise of Qatar (rhymes with gutter, and for good reason) in order that he may continue his world renowned and unprecedented research into disassembling and reassembling antiquated digital clocks.  Inside sources, who refused to be identified, have revealed the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development are interested in enrolling little Ahmed in their budding BOOT camp (Bombs Out of Obsolete Timepieces) program.

Insiders have also disclosed that Ahmed and his radicalized father, Mohamed Al Hassan (aka Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed), were at first reluctant to make the move until the Qatar government guaranteed little Amhed all the “pet” goats a Muslim boy could desire while offering his father an endless supply of imported Bacha bazi boys.  Ahmed’s Mother was unavailable for comment since she is no longer allowed to speak or be seen in public.

We bid thee adieu, little Ahmed.  You will be missed by a treasure trove of self-loathing American dupes.  May the wind always blow at the back of your camel and the laser sights of a AGM-114 Hellfire missile be "painted" on yours.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ancient Ruins, an Apologist and a Bathhouse

The moment of destruction -- Temple of Baal Shamin in the Syrian city of Palmyra
The moment of destruction -- Temple of Baal Shamin in the Syrian city of Palmyra
Ron Peacock
S.U.C.C.S., OH (PN)

As our impotent President, Barack Hussein Obama, stood idle, the “junior varsity team” (the Islamic State a.k.a. IS, ISIS or ISIL) has destroyed much of the ancient Semitic city of Palmyra.  From May of this year, until just days ago, these barbaric throwbacks of the “religion of peace” have been left unchallenged and unmolested to wantonly destroy this great ancient architectural achievement and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  As would be expected, the United Nations and the major world leaders decisively gathered some paper, rattled their pens, issued a scathing condemnation and are now awaiting the Islamic States withdrawal in the face of such a strong, united and purposeful reaction.

Though the destruction of Palmyra by IS is irreversible and permanent, it should be worth noting that the Islamic States existence may not share the same fortune. Enter Vladimir Putin, a man of determination, strength, pride and sense of honor for his country. In short, a man of action to be reckoned with.

It appears, the virtuous responsibility of eradicating IS has been taken up by Vladimir Putin and the mighty Russian military which has accomplished more in two days than the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama (our purported Commander-in-chief) managed in over a year. In light of the anemic response of our seemingly Islamic apologist President, I find myself in the decidedly distasteful position of supporting Russia’s actions. The United States military command has been weakened and “fundamentally transformed” by Obama. He has purged our military of our most experienced and loyal generals and replaced them with “men” plainly more comfortable in a San Francisco bathhouse than a command and control center. Our military is now seen as ineffectual and lacking competent leadership. What was, not too long ago, the most powerful force for good the world has ever known, The United States, is now perceived as a paper tiger, an unfaithful ally and the butt of jokes worldwide.

As I wish continued success for the Russian and Syrian armies, I will continually remind myself that this Nobel Peace Prize winning President, along with his dubious (if not criminal) Secretary of State, orchestrated the so called ‘Arab Spring’ -- thereby setting the middle east ablaze and paving the way for the Islamic States conquests. In this fact will my discomfort, in support for Russia, be mitigated.

Friday, August 28, 2015

All Trumped Up! Part One

I have always held a certain dislike for Donald Trump, at least for as long as I remember hearing about his exploits. Personally, I have always found something irritating about audaciously rich, successful, boisterous personalities and ‘The Donald’ fits that profile. In all candor, I am sure some of this is due to a certain level of envy on my part as well as Mr. Trumps annoying narcissism. But, after announcing his candidacy for President of the United States, I am beginning to look at Donald Trump in a somewhat different light.

The shift in my feelings toward Mr. Trump came on Aug. 6, 2015 in the wake of the opening question during the most watched Presidential primary debate in history. It was obvious, the fix was in. Employing despicable tactics, long practiced by PBS, ABC, CNN, et al., Fox News waded into the the very same “mainstream media” pig trough it had so vociferously railed against in the 2012 election cycle. It was clear, from that point on, the “Rockefeller Republicans” wanted Mr. Trump stopped and Fox News was all too willing to obey their marching orders. All of a sudden, I am rooting for ‘The Donald’. After the debate, I had to take stock of my position.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A little something about Cecil the lion and Planned Parenthood

The following is a post I submitted to Facebook on July 31, 2015


If I dress like a lion, will you save me from Planned Parenthood?

 *****Disclaimer: - This is not a political statement about hunting nor abortion rather, it is one disheartened mans reaction to recent, simultaneous events and how they have markedly transformed his outlook of humanity.*****

I do not usually post or s
hare memes (but when I do, they are ones I designed and contain my own original thoughts). However, my observation of two recent events and the reaction to each (by mainstream media and the public in general) have disturbed me in a way I personally thought not possible. When I saw the meme I posted here, it tied together these events and the feeling of revulsion slowly simmering in the deepest part of my soul.

The first event was the unfortunate and untimely demise of ‘Cecil the Lion’ at the hands of a wealthy big game hunter. It was certainly sorrowful to hear that this majestic creature had been robbed of life simply to become a trophy on a wall.

The second event was the ongoing release of the ‘Planned Parenthood video’ exposing a group of that organizations executives gleefully satiating their gluttonous palates whilst casually carrying on a disgustingly disturbing conversation (one I am sure would make Margaret Sanger proud) regarding the harvesting and trade of various body parts from unborn infants.

The first event unleashed a viral outcry of rage, shock, weeping by late night talk show hosts, celebrities posting private home addresses, death threats, the alleged hunter needing to flee underground fearing for the lives of his innocent wife and children and the incessant coverage via every medium of media.

The second event initially received fairly widespread coverage and some much deserved infuriation but has quickly been hijacked by the usual political suspects. Now the media lapdogs and operatives are in damage control mode and actually vehemently defending the actions seen in the video while/and/or implementing the tried and true political strategy of discrediting the messenger (as if that can change what our eyes can see, our ears can hear and, what I hope, our hearts can feel).

On one hand, a majestic lion lost. On the other, the diabolical trading of human flesh. I know where I stand on theses two particular events but the reaction I’ve seen from so many others ... w ... w ... well, lets just say, I shed a tear. Not a namby-pamby Jimmy Kimmel tear, but a tear shed by a son of mankind who’s faith in humanity has finally reached its end.

Ron (Boston Ron) Peacock 07-31-2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Editors note:

Changing events and time constraints have caused me to discontinue updates to the Pavo News website (last published in January 2009) . Updates to the site may continue in the future, in the meantime, I will use this new blog (The Pavo News Blog) to post thoughts, stories and anything else I find of interest.