Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Prescient President

The Prescient President
How George W Bush warned America in 2005 of the oncoming pandemic


It was the early 2000’s when President George W. Bush, a much maligned and hated representative of the people by those on the far left, warned of impending crises looming in America’s near future. In the case of one crisis he was ignored mostly by Democrats who vociferously denied the existence of the problem, if not making boldface statements of the opposite conclusion and denying the Presidents warnings. In the other instance, President Bush proposed a detailed, comprehensive program to defend America in light of this coming American crisis. It has now been proven that President Bush was more than far sighted in his dire warnings of these few events which we now know eventually came to pass; President Bush had the vision to see beyond the first row of seats ... he was prescient!

Of course, one of those events was the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which we will not discuss here) and the ultimate banking crisis that almost destroyed the United States, as well as other world nations. The other was the impending threat of a deadly pandemic. In a world of politics and myopic, short sighted vision, where most elected officials can only see as far as the next election, President Bush genuinely cared for the health and citizenry of this nation ... and he was prescient!

Alas, as with all things political, there was corruption, back door deals, deception, broken promises, lies and outright thievery amongst the State players involved. Such remains the norm when you have an uneducated, low-information, US electorate. Those who care more about the details of some Kardashian’s life as opposed having any knowledge of their country and the life blood that once made this nation great, while continuing to vote into office the same charlatans that have hoodwinked them for decades ... if not centuries in some cases ... they are not prescient!

In the end, President Bush could not sustain his program. Many States took the money allocated for these important preparations and reallocated to pet projects, businesses of family, friends and staunch financial supporters within their State (not unlike the actions of Governor Cuomo in 2015 when presented with the reports and recommendations of national and State health officials which stated New York was sorely unprepared and in need of immediate attention for the inevitable unfolding crisis ... instead Cuomo squandered the money which resulted in the unprecedented death of New Yorker's from the COVID-19 virus) , others were disinterested with the work this would encompass and yet others plain didn’t care. These politicians are now the rabble attempting to present the solutions to the very problems they created ... what a laugh ... yet the "sheeple" respond to these obvious scheming actions. No matter to me, I have long ago given up on America, as of 2009 ... because I am prescient!

And as a passing comment I’d like to present a thought growing and burning in my heart, as well as millions of other Americans who understand the nature of our system of a Federalist, Constitutional Republic government, and that is: It may be time to refresh the ‘tree of liberty’ ... it thirsts for nourishment, life's natural manure, our natural fertilizer consisting of the blood of political tyrants that are attempting to overlord the people, and just as well, those of us patriots willing to sacrifice for the righteous and just cause of liberty, freedom and human dignity ... perhaps this will prove to be prescient!

scientia potentia est

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