Saturday, February 5, 2022

Cowardly action, Authoritarian response and a Go Fund Me that can go F itself. - ***SATIRE***



While the soyboy Socialist ‘Coward of Canada’, Justin Trudeau, surrenders to abject fear, in a remote undisclosed secure location (that could be anywhere in 90% of Canada) and is suffering from nightly episodes of bedwetting, Canadians are slowly rising in support of the Freedom 2022 Convoy.

Ottawa political hack and Chief of Police, Peter Sloly, has threatened to bring in armed forces to relieve the city from the great siege and occupation by, what PM Justine (Oops, sorry ... Justin) deemed, “a small fringe minority”. Apparently there have been reports of a heavily armed contingency of Canadian rebels preparing to cross the Ottawa River in support of the peaceful protesters for freedom.

It has been confirmed by no one, and there is no actual credible evidence, but an anonymous, unnamed and unknown tipster reported seeing what appeared to be a radical group of Canadian citizens with ill-fitting tuques in possession of snowballs, cups filled with frozen Tim Horton’s coffee and even the ominous weapons of war used in many a Winter Olympic battle ... the mysterious, but no less deadly, Curling broom and stones!

Pray for our Canadian cousins that they not fall to this “small fringe minority” who hold the “unacceptable view” of self-determination, liberty and freedom.

*****End Satire*****

You can support the Freedom Convoy 2022 through their new funding agent at:

And please remember, since is making an attempt to seize and hijack the over 10 Million dollars initially raised on their site for the freedom protesters ... make a point to tell to Go F*ck Themselves! Never support this organization again. There are alternative crowdfunding entities with much higher levels of integrity.

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