Thursday, May 7, 2020

Tale of Two States

by Ron Peacock

The Tale of Two States

Without going into the finer details of the gross mismanagement and nonsensical, misguided, dangerous decisions on the part of New York State and New York City in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, let us look at some numbers from two comparative states, Florida under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and New York State under Governor Cuomo (D-NY) during this same crisis.

Population - 21.48 million
Percentage of Senior Citizens 65 and over - 20.29%
Land area - 53,624 square miles
Population Density - 365 per square mile

New York:
Population - 19.5 million
Percentage of Senior Citizens 65 and over - 16.51%
Land area - 47,126 square miles
Population Density - 417 per square mile

As you can see, these States are relatively as close as you can get to being equal in these categories.

Now let us look at the numbers concerning this virus outbreak as of 05/07/2020 @ 1800 hrs.

Number Infected - 38,828
Number of Deaths - 1,600
Mortality per Confirmed Infection - 4.12%
Number of Death per population - 0.007%

New York
Number Infected - 327,469
Number of Deaths - 26,130
Mortality per Confirmed Infection - 7.97%
Number of Death per population - 0.134%

Draw your own conclusions. It is time for people to think for themselves ... if that possibility even exists!!!!

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