Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reporting Inconsistencies

We are investigating inconsistencies with the John Hopkins reporting of new daily cases of COVID-19 as compared to what is being reported on the state level by the individual health departments. Some examples:

May 19, 2020
 OH 118    JH 498
 GA 57    JH 572
 TX 1219    JH 1400
 NY 1525    JH 1500
 SD 22    JH 58
 FL 485    JH 502
 AR 82     JH 110
  IA 213     JH 341
We see huge inconsistencies in the numbers reported in Ohio and Georgia. Only the numbers from New York State are correct?!?!?!?! Might some chicanery be in the offing?

As a side note, we found the numbers reported by John Hopkins to be uncomfortably the same as numbers presented by that most unreliable of sources, Wikipedia?!?!!? Is John Hopkins using Wikipedia to fuel their models? Wikipedia claims “Data comes from Wikipedia, and cases are constantly updated from resources around the world. Daily situation reports are also available on the World Health Organization site”. So what is it? Is John Hopkins using Wikipedia or is Wikipedia using John Hopkins?

We make no conclusion, but we are trying to get to the bottom of this anomaly. Any help or input from anyone would be appreciated.

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